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About Us

"People have the innate ability to create powerful, fulfilling results-oriented lives that contribute to the success of organizations and those around them. People want to make a real difference through the expression of their unique greatness."

The Synergy Network's world class consultants, trainers and coaches are dedicated to making a difference in how people relate and contribute to the world around them. We work with organizations of all sizes and types to Dazzle their customers with greatness. Every Synergy Network experience is tailored to meet your business needs. Our Tag You're it! Programs are engaging and life-changing. Our Coaching Programs bring new tools to both new and seasoned leaders. We bring out the best in your people so they can bring their personal best to your customers!

TAG You're It!™ Programs

Our Tag You're it! Programs unite your team with a passionate purpose, help your team members to communicate with greatness, focus them with a strategic game-plan and ultimately own the results of their work. Your team will have the insights, tools and experiences to be the walking, talking, breathing expression of your vision and brand.


The Synergy Network helps leaders and teams keep their vision focused, empowering greater clarity, choice and action. Through Leadership Development Coaching, your team will gain the personal and interpersonal skills necessary to deliver results for your organization.

Synergy Network Results

The Synergy Network knows that in today’s challenging economy all people within your organization are vital to your success; therefore, inclusion in the creative process of your business is critical. The Synergy Network specializes in making this happen. Your organization is provided with the tools necessary to break through stagnant behaviors and practices by empowering your people to take ownership of your company’s whole vision. The end result will be uniting your team with a passionate purpose, focusing them with a strategic and fun game-plan, your team members owning their results and ultimately Dazzling your customers with their greatness.